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Another self-confessed mental illness related post? In my opinion there aren't enough. We all feel bouts of loneliness, even people who have hundreds of people around them - loneliness is a result of feeling disconnected and all of us will go through these moments in life.
A person close me told me that they felt lonely and depressed recently. The last person in the world I would ever expect to open up and tell me about that. It broke my heart that they felt so disconnected and unsure of life and turning to someone wasn't as easy as you'd think.
I'm a huge fan when it comes to self-help and general wellbeing.. I think we just rally round and talk about these issues more! Let it be 'the norm' so more people feel like they can actually talk about it and not feel ashamed..
Here's a few pointers that help me when I'm feeling generally lonely.

Don't isolate yourself:

I'm sitting in my room as I write this after working all day and not speaking to anyone. Around two years ago I spent a lot of time in my room, tucked away, avoiding seeing anyone. I look back now and regret wasting so much of my time. This evening I'll go watch a film with my mum and make her some dinner. Sometimes just being around someone you love is enough, you don't have to talk if you don't feel like it. If you live alone, phone/facetime a friend if you don't feel like going out - or even better, go out for a drink with someone!

Keep busy:

I know you don't want too, I know you want to curl up under your duvet. I remember thinking in the summer a few years ago, it's harder to go under the blanket in the summer because it's so hot and googling dark curtains in order to keep the sunshine out of my room. This seems crazy to think of now! Walking is now my favourite thing to do! Keeping yourself entertained and busy is the best bit of advise for being lonely. You don't have to have money, you can just jump on the bus or arrange times with friends or family. The more you get in the swing of being busy, the easier it is to face. You'll be distracted and enjoying your life!

Be good to yourself:

Definitely the most important. If you learn to love yourself (I'm still working on this) you'll learn to enjoy your own company. Give yourself a break! Tell yourself how important you are and appreciate that in your circumstances, it could always be worse. Maybe when you jump on the bus, go to one of your favourite shops and buy yourself a little treat!

Self help books do work:

They're there for a reason. My sister lives by these silly, inspirational quotes and I use to shrug them off. I now realise how important and helpful they actually are. Self-help books are the same! I decided to head to my local library and get a bunch of them! (Some good books include Loneliness by June Hunt and Freedom from Loneliness by Jennifer Page) - Even if you read a page or two, here and there it's something. Addressing why your mind is so powerful and dealing with these emotions makes it easier to deal with!

Reach out to someone:

It was hard for the person mentioned early to tell me about how they are feeling, really hard. A lot of people tend to keep things bottled up in fear of feeling weak minded or even being naive to how they are actually feeling! Talking about it is addressing it.. They may even open up and tell you that they understand and have felt the same way. Reaching out to anyone, even your doctor to even talk about gets it out in the open and things instantly feel more clearer. Honestly, just taking about things can take a huge weight off your shoulders. We, as humans, deal with a lot in our daily lives as it is. Talk. You are human. It's ok too.. Just remember that you aren't alone and we all feel the same way.. Don't keep it bottled up, it'll only get worse.

I hope some of these points can help/remind you in any way possible that the more we learn to love and feel great about ourselves, the more we enjoy our one life! Let me know how you get on in the comments!



By Emilinalove

The girl with mystery behind her eyes but the warmest smile.
She goes by name 'The Black Rush' or most commonly, Kimi Peri.
Kimi is from Germany and her love for British culture and underground fashion is immediately apparent on her beautifully crafted, instagram theme.
With her ever expanding following of 335 thousand follows, Kimi is anything but intimidating.. With a innocent outlook and the constant positivity she pushes in her captions, she serves to be raw but relatable.. She tackles subject matters of self-confidence as well as the importance of loving your body! We need more influencers like her and with influencers growing more everyday, she's set to expand herself as a brand as she considers moving to one of the fashion capitals!

It's a cold and wet day in April typically and I find myself gazing out of the window, lusting after summer nights and hot weekends.
My phones pings.
It's her.

Finish the sentence Kimi.. I remember when..
I remember being younger, I used to grab my mothers and sisters clothes and make ump and create characters. Then surprised them jumping into the living room and dancing around like a happy wild child. I still do till this day, just thought I’d share it with you guys! <3

One thing you’d tell your older self?
One day, I promise, all these hard days of loneliness and pain will be worth it. It’s making you stronger every day for a reason.

I’m inspired by..
Everyone and everything around me. It can be a flower or the shape of a leaf, a sound or smell, movies and anime. People or happenings that awakes inspirational in me. It comes and goes though. I’m not really inspired by one specific person but I have to say my blogger community keeps pushing me!

My Top 3 brands are..
Sarah Thursday, Underground and Vii & Co. But seriously it’s super hard to decide since I love so much in it’s own unique way. The Ragged Priest, Monki and Killstar which I’d also like to mention.

What’s your top tips on gaining popularity on instagram?
Keep doing what you love! Be authentic, open and honest. Honesty is the key. Followed by self-confidence because nothing is better than a strong mind.

My favourite hang out is..
Every place which isn’t known to me. Exploring new cities and countries. This is what truly excites me.

My favourite piece in my wardrobe is..  Well that’s hard, but right now definitely my new Aquarius Hoodie from Sarah Thursday because it’s so dam comfy and I feel so protected in it. Also new latest platform addition is my tracker boots from the spring collection by T.U.K. I could literally sleep in them

Favourite film characters wardrobe?
I’m really inspired by anime to be honest. They all look so super cute in their school uniform (for example Megumin from Kono Subarashii)

What slogan do you live by?
It’s all fate. (It helps me get through a lot of situations. Like, when I miss my bus, I stay calm and imagine maybe it’s good I didn’t else something bad could have happened) 
You may only have one life. But you can be a million different characters

Finally, what’s your goal in life?
Finding inner peace and the real Kimi in me back that I lost somewhere in my childhood. To lose my fear to travel around completely and to meet  and to hug the people that make my life now worth living. Also help me see hope in society.

(If her instagram isn't enough of a dose, you can also view her blog here)



(The following are unedited)

You know those annoying people who ask annoying questions like if you could only choose one product you can't live without and you could literally choose a sibling you'd have to save in a fire before choosing that one product.. Well I know. I know the product! The product I constantly have anxiety for when it could possibly discontinue. 
Ladies and gents.. this here is the No Filter finishing powder in shade Alabaster. This baby saves me from 2 hour sleeps and crusty Sunday mornings. 
Not only does it hide spots like a boss, it doesn't crease - it also brightens and illuminates the skin too without making you appear too flat. 
I'm in total love and I only found this product after browsing the NYX counter, waiting for sister.
I had just finished the YSL touche ├ęclat blur perfector and I wasn't overly impressed especially as I found it to be really expensive for a needless addition to your make up bag. If you want a long lasting finishing powder, give this a go!
So yeah, I've got my self in the foot now because do I post this and risk you all buying it or do I keep it to myself. 
I'm too good to you guys, man.



Recently I attended an event with Redken that saw my hair go through the transformation of blonde into a magical blue-purple-pastel!

The CityBeats event was one of my favourites! I arrived at Loreal Academy to a gorgeous spread of breakfast and my hairdresser Paco from Live True Vauxhall was all ready to make the transformation. You can check out the results of City Beats, the range, as well the other bloggers on their instagram here. After the event, Redken gifted me the anti-snap and colour maintenance products listed here to maintain maximum strength and shine. I'm now on my second bottles and live in anxiety for when there would be a world without.. I needed you all to know just how bloody fabulous these products really are!  It's obvious to state that with over processed hair it needs to be looked after and I'm not going to lie and say I look after my hair well. I sleep with my hair tied, forget to brush it.. all those sorts of things. I know, I know I'm a villain right? Well Redken has my back and I'm forever thankful for these products even existing to maintain my dream hair!
After the event I went all blue and from going through the changes of blonde, purple and then blue, my hair is still strong with a gorgeous shine!
Redken can be quite pricey and obviously if you want an amazing hair colour, you need to invest in the maintenance of it too.. If investing into all the products isn't in your budget, I definitely recommend you invest in one, whatever your hair colour - (You can find Redken Strengthening Builder Here) as well as the whole release of their city beats collection on the Redken Instagram Page! 


Four pieces you cry? Yes. Four investments. The pieces you can rely on.. these fabulous four will always be there to stare out your ex's new beaut, or save your sorry ass when you made the choice to go for that dress. 

Firstly, the four should be timeless and seasonal.. A piece of jewellery, a watch, a handbag and shoes.
Obvious to state? Maybe so but knowing these items could save you a lot of last minute plan stress so yeah, just get to know.

Another thing to note, these investments also need to last you. They're called investments for a reason. You don't exactly need to break the bank though.. One of my 'forever watches' is a fossil watch and it is priced here at only £105 - but the secret it is.. It's crisp, clean, silver and even in that H&M basic knit, it will add that expensive touch to your outfit.

You also need these items to be versatile and simple. They need to be able to be worn with absolutely everything you own, EVER. 

If slip on's are your chosen shoe, go for black? Easy to team with everything. Seriously what is life without black clothing and shoes, I can't bare to even think about it. Maybe go for a shiny black for a bit of a classic touch. I can't help but choose platforms to be one of mine. I feel instantly better about myself when I'm taller and a lot of them are very light-weight so are comfortable!

The jewellery is everything. Minimal would be timeless or go statement for your own personal style. I class 3 of my rings as one because they are my everything, ok. 

When selecting your ultimate bag - You already know your baby I'm sure - I bet your bottom dollar it can fit everything inside but the kitchen sink.. if it doesn't, you need got move on.
This bag needs to not only fit life inside but also look like you've got this. I guess when you think about it, you COULD opt for a smaller one if you HAVE got life sorted. But seriously if you can survive with just a little handbag and not even a canvas bag here and there, I NEED TO KNOW HOW.