Its the most wonderful time of the year! quite literally, and what better way to celebrate with a few major must have grabs from town!
Putting my openly selfish side to one side for the moment, I'm going to post a few ideas of what i can get my two sisters! Cheap and cheerful!

Cute little bracelet that would look over the
top but in a good way with a chunky watch!
My older sister is a deep brunette and i can just see
these fab earrings looking amazing with her hair!
Ending in the most adorable floral bag i've ever seen!
Right up my little sisters street!

All from
The last two items come up to only 32 pounds

The Caroline Baggi Gold Chain bracelet alone is 50 pounds reduced from 105 pounds but i thought i had to put it up anyway!

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  1. wow, the bracelet is gorgeous!
    autumn favourites post? i think you should do outfit posts too!

    i just started to blog/ramble ahaha, aimee


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