On the train back from Clothes Show earlier this month, i wanted nothing but to sit with a coffee my COMPANY Magazine, little did i know the train would be bombarded with other fashion buyer's from the show, mixed with the angry face's in first class heading back from London. 
However, i decided to wait until i got home where i could relax my helpless mistreated feet smothered in coca butter after a steaming hot shower. Before i bore you with some unnecessary fact's of that particular evening, i'll rally straight to the point of my blog post. Jameela Jamil became a columnist for Company Magazine due to her successful TV presenting career. Lucky her!  Along with her understated but very to the point style of fashion, the column that i read that night, i personally found extremely inspirational.
She mention's how she felt as a way of society goes, she would end up being an English teacher for a guaranteed income.. (much like myself)In stead she risked it all to be a Tv Presenter!
In addition i feel exactly the same! ...yet i want to be a journalist in Fashion.

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