I have a creative writing portfolio to write, most of it is now a working progress. None the less there is still a lot left to do. The fact that i force myself to like coffee is one thing, but the calories in energy drinks make me want to cry.
Is it healthy to want so much out of life like i do; i feel that I'm not getting anywhere. Firstly, I'm 20 and I'm doing an English degree at a University that i don't like and i strongly feel i don't belong there.. i mean i want this degree, so that i can get more professionally in to blogs and journalism but give me a break! These people are so bland. It would be awful to stay there for 3-4 YEARS. I need an English degree to get where i want to be, its just a shame i haven't moved away and enjoying life out there. A London university would of been awesome. Camden and Bricklane would be so close.. Imagine that. I'm living such a boring life in comparison to most and i don't like that

I'm trapped. My mind is about the only thing i can feel close to anymore. Believing is one thing but doing is another.

The Beatles are my life right now; if i'm not listening to them i'm drawing them.
I belong in the swinging 60's. I belong there and I'm positive that i do..

Twiggy. Hundred's must of posted blogs on Twiggy. Her make up, her stance. Her.
If i could look like how she looked in the 60's for one day that day would be the best day of my life. Her fragile frame and that famous dainty pose. 
I'm going to make a vow, to improve my blog, get out there with my camera and live life to it's limited.

I won't sit and watch you all from the window anymore.

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