Hi, its me again. I wanted to quickly mention that i had my hair done and its up to my collar bones! i had a fringe as well. I do like it and in addition to that its easier to manage as well, furthermore knots are no longer an issue
I'm just going to work now but i wanted to update quickly on the fact that i will post some pictures of my hair! also, can i just mention that that i bought Garnier Nutrisse home dye yesterday to stick some caramel bits on to my mousy brown hair to maybe liven it up a little and it did absolutely nothing to my hair! okay, okay so my friend mentioned that i may have needed to put a pre-lighterner on it at first but it didn't mention anything of the sort on the packaging, especially when you are a skint student living on shreddies and tidying my boyfriends room for some spare dollar.. i really couldn't have been more annoyed at the fact that it did nothing to my hair! 

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