I was shockingly surprised when i asked my friends this evening, where they saw themselves in ten years times. I don't know if its that i expect too much from life, or they accept so little. A London apartment in Camden, one child, a husband who reads plenty and finds my addiction to cereal perfectly normal; in fact he feels the same way and eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dry cereal will replace biscuits and we will have red milk... not green.
He must have a bit of stubble although i don't mind. Sharp bone structure only.
I will live in central London, even if i have to settle for a one bedroom flat, minus the child. I'm not big on children so maybe a dog. 
This month i wanted to share some pictures with you; you may have most likely of heard of him 'Hedi Slimane' a fashion photographer.
Although his photography isn't dramatic and out there as i tend to like but his photos have such a unique simplicity about it. Here is a few i like most, i specifically like the nature of the photos. In addition, I just wanted to mention that smoking a cigarette in a shoot can almost look attractive and gives a photo a real edge about it but i didn't like the obviousness as i browsed through his pictures but he does something pretty dam incredible with his camera.

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