Long time no blog and all that, yet i have no excuse for my lazy behavior. I wanted to really start to update on a daily basis. A few things are new with me, I have turned Vegan for one. Adjusting to the fact that my make up routine of essentials will have to change but the fact that chocolate is a no go makes me want to jump off a bridge. I feel i'm constantly reminding myself on the facts of why i'm undergoing this drastic change in my lifestyle. I'm not going to shower you with the facts but a big part of being a vegan is because of the lack of rights for animals on this earth, for example, ANIMAL TESTING. This brings me nicely to the change in my vegan friendly make up bag.
Urban Decay, The Body Shop and apparently MAC are vegan friendly make up products to name a few, and this not only excites me because of the fact that i love Urban Decay but it also depresses/angers me. Where is benefit? I mean i'm not first to be chucking away my Bella Bamba or High beam because of the fact that its a waste, and i shall wait till it runs out. Its just annoying that i will no longer be able to get any benefit products. Luckily i can find some nice alternatives - although no alternative for high beam as of yet. 
More news.. I am going to download! I have a Barbour coat and wellies at the ready and i simply can't wait. Okay, so Download is no Glastonbury but Bowling for Soup and Funeral for a Friend are there so I've got to say i couldn't give a fuck. I'm going with my great friend Patrica Millar (a great fashion photogragher) and we are hoping to stand out from the crowd of black and going for some tender floral and army greens. I've been looking at some inspirational pictures from the one and only Pixie Geldof for some helpful tips. She always looks super awesome and although i may not be confident enough to stick on a wig, i am still very positive that a little influence from her style would be undoubtedly a very good decision.
You see, i've never really been a Peaches sort of girl - i find she likes to play it safe a lot of the time whereas Pixie dresses within what mood she is actually feeling and for that, I'm definitely rating a bit of the Pixie

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