Although of course i'm not taking 'modelling' seriously, i like to put together my outfits and post them on ere' ..nothing wrong with that is there? Here is one of my latest shoot with Christopher Cove ( - A published photogragher and film maker from Birmingham! I really enjoyed this shoot, despite the fact it was the day before it snowed. Unfortunately Chris is very busy in Paris (lucky him ay) and is unable to edit the rest of the pictures as of yet, but here is one from the lot to show you! Outfit wise - Now this will surprise you, the fur coat is actually from tesco.. In addition, its tremendiously warm and comfortable and the fur stays tame and trim unlike past fur coats (obviously faux). The shoes are from ebay - I can't remember the store, they were quite cheap actually and the quality are good! The wet look leggings you can find anywhere now-a-days. These in particular are from river island and i got them around a year ago, however, you can find them anywhere at the moment. I strongly suggest you shop around for things like leggings as i had a simple pair of khaki leggings from quiz and i also had a pair from UrbanOutfitters, before i say anything i'm the biggest fan of UO in the world so i wouldn't for a second slag my khaki khak's off but i must admit, the quiz pair are better quality and the UO colour has started to fade in to a mucky colour in areas! Here is the picture, and i'll add the remainder as soon as i get my hands on them.
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