Cover shoot for! -It was a lovely day considering the fact that it was early February, but the hunt for a ray of shunshine was quite tiring. The location was Birmingham City Centre and we made good use of pretty little china town, however, all of the shots were made in a back alley! nothing special.. The photogragher mentioned that the light was ace there so we set up there and went on to making the cover shots for prettysunday. Theres always something a bit particular if it isn't so special right? As i do a lot of journalism/assisting work for PrettySunday quite recently, i've been along to some of the shoots and decided to have a few shots taken myself along with the model who is also called Emily! I thought i'd mention what i was wearing for anyone who would like to know. UrbanOutfitters - Yes, ALL of my outfit is UrbanOutfitters. Shoes -Deeny and Ozzy £60 (in the sale - unsure if they're still in the sale) Nivrana top which i've found is actually in the sale now for like a tenner (gutted much?) and my long skirt, which i got like ages ago and literally can't remember the price unfortanately. Oh of course, my coat too! Jeewizzzz i have so much love for that coat, pretty pricey at £120 but worth it if you like to just throw things on like myself. The lippy i'm wearing is Barry M. Like the colour is quite venturesome and brash but i feel this doesntreally come accross in the pictures as a opposed to real life but if you are a fan of Barry M lippies you will understand that their colours go as far limes and mustards!

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