I did a few 'behind the scenes' photos at prettysunday.com ('s) photo shoots recently and i thought i'd post them on to my blog for you all to see. Okay, here are Amelia and Emily, two beautiful girls and the latest to 'strut their stuff' ..in the prettysunday studios. The outfits in which they're wearing are now available on their site; As it isn't apparent in the picture i thought i'd mention that the blouse that is worn by Emily on the right, has a black collar and buttons! i've actually bought blouse and it very much compliments a pair of a denim hot pants if you're daring, if not a pair of skinny's will do just fine or whatever you have in your trunk, it can team nicely with this blouse as the colours are mutual and very geniune..  Lovely girls who are are models that are located in Birmingham. Not only are they very patient and drink an awful lot of tea but also very polite and like to contribute to putting together the outfits! All outfits (excluding the shoes) are now on www.prettysunday.com, get those light spring blouse's before they're gone!
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