Ok, so i thinks safe to say, i have finally came to grips with the slight fact that i might be borderline obsessed for UNIF (http://unifclothing.com) at the moment... Not only am i completely inlove with their logo, i mean for goodness sakes contemplating getting a tattoo of it! but also don't just have the most amazing S/S12 collection out at the moment. Like literally, i was speaking to a friend on Twitter and we agreed that we felt a 'need' for a pair of Hellbounds and if we wasn't to get our mits on a pair of those chunky bad boys, we might as well just shrivel up and die (is that how you spell shrivel? - I'm not an English student of anything. Sigh.) A bit dramatic but whatever, they are now officially a 'need' on my forever growing list of things that i 'need'. I'll post you a picture of some of the beauties i'm referring too if you have not already discovered them which i'm guessing most of you most likely have. They have an awesome Facebook page too; its pretty much my equivalent to pornograghy some might say. None the less, feast your eyes on these sexy soulssss.. Pay particular attention to the tatted band tees - They're a lot more pricey then UrbanOutfitters tee's but as you can see, they're well worth it, even if you just buy one of them! I'm saving the hellbounds for when i buy a pair so that i can share my own pair with you! - They don't have a huge amount in store, but what they do have is ace so please go on over and check them out.. Thank god for the return of 90's grunge i say. 
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