Just a quick one about my recent but major obsession with Erin Wasson. She's absolutely purffff, honestly. Like aside from the fact i've only just established her (Alot of you may already know of her) but i've been googling pictures of her for hours; I even had a dream about her last night! I may have rambled on before about the fact that i'm growing my hair out due to an incident that literally fucked up my hair (yes, ok, it was bleach) and because of that i have had enough with dyes and i now want my natural hair back.. It has grown through an inch so far (i'm digging the whole blonde with bad roots look '&wot') and i'm literally so excited for my full head of natural hair back.I'm leaving the blonde to go in to deep dye. I love Erin's natural-looking hair although its apparent that she has an caramel colour on it too but i absolutely love it and its realistic and for keeps. You don't have to keep applying dye's when the roots come through and you only need a cut once in a while! I just need pateince and in all honesty in comparison to how i would have been before i think i've been very accepting of my hair by letting it grow out. I think i just need to bite the bullet when its clear that it just looks like bad roots and not an ombre do! In all honesty, i'm over ombre hair.. its just fine until the condition of my hair is good again enough to dye the ends a caramel colour! They say your 20's are the years you learn from your mistakes! Mistake of learnt? Never ever to dye my hair myself again. #Deals
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