My birthday wish list! I'm approaching the grand (old?) age of 22 and thankfully i'm away in Paris visiting my sister Amy with my boyfriend in order to ignore the fact that i'm getting older. Other then that these are the gifts i have asked for! A pair of pale peach underground creepers, a Mulberry Alexa tan brown bag and a Paisley jacket from Topshop! I already own some paisley prints in my wardrobe but i like this jacket in particular at the moment. The creepers are rapturous! i honestly love them! Better then the black ones! i've been a big fan of flatforms for a while now and i honestly think i'd wear the crap out of these bad boys. The Mulberry bag.... OK OK.. so its pricey but its actually in the sale and i more then need it in my life. My mum actually said she'd get it me which was surprising but i'd be more then happy for life if i had this bag in my hands. I do eventually want my first classic chanel bag.. but right now, times are tough arent they? ..and i do love Mulberry and their fantasic bag collection. I've asked for the tan brown bag but i wouldn't mind it in black! I've recently lost two of my ear cuff's also which absolutely sucks. BUT i've found my christmas ring from my mum so 'you win some you lose some' spring to mind. (i'm known for losing my rings -  i went from 12 to 6 rings JUST in 2012)
Anyway, aside from my daunting birthday vastly approaching, i start my first day at Costa Coffee tomorrow. I got this job JUST to run my car, so that my student loan can go on clothes and shoes... blah blah think what you like but my car is an absolute buggar to run! If you are aware of insurance prices then you more than understand what i'm blabing on about. Also, growing my hair out is taking forever! I have an inch of roots and and i'm aiming to completely grow out my hair to its natural colour. (Unif model aspiration much?) I'm also growing my eyebrows out... as in... not plucking? Yes, a very daring idea but i'm kind if digging it, its looks fit, i like it. I'm not going for a 'Lilly Collin's' look in particular because it just wouldn't suit my eye area (which is annoyingly small) but i'm most definitely going to grow them naturally out, but neaten them up a bit. I'm trying to get my hands on an iphone 4s, the cameras awesome and i need one else i'm pretty sure i'll have a break down. Trading in shoe's i don't wear, my blackberry... I'm putting together a plan because iphone4s is definitely a must have for anyone right now and i want to post pictures of myself on the go... shopping.. etc etc.. I can't afford a flashy camera and my boyfriend has the 4s and the camera ACTUALLY has the ability to make me look pretty decent. iPhone 4s, Mulberry Alexa, Paisley jacket and Creepers, i'm coming to get you!
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