I'm perfectly aware that the quality is pretty shit but i thought i'd start uploading my outfits, and although i should have put in some more effort for the first of many - my effort is lacking recently as i have 101 one things to do this summer! My jumper is from PrettySunday.com, wet look disco pants from Ebay, Vintage Coach bag and creepers! My hair is awful on this and shoved up.. I don't know about you guys but i certainly prefer myself with a middle parting.. like, if i have a side parting, i feel odd, much like the feeling of not wearing my rings - i literally feel naked. Its on the side because my stupid ass boyfriend prefers it; so when i can be bothered, i tend to be nice to him and move my parting around a lot. This jumper is one of my favourites ever and well fitted! Okay, so i know we are in the season of 'summer' but the weather most certainly isn't living up to it. Its cold, wet and shit and my hair doesn't agree with this. The worse kind of weather ever. But i'm happy and this is because i leave for Egypt on Wednesday for two whole weeks! Like my excitement is almost embarassing and i'm pretty sure that the amount of people who have told me to shut up about this would have calmed me down but it literally hasn't. The post when i get back is going to be HUGE. Loads of juicy pictures of me on my adventures, how exciting for you all.. ha. I don't know if i've mentioned but i went to a family wedding on Saturday! Oh my, we had such a wonderful time, i really am lucky to have such a loving and fun family! I will have to post some pictures when my sister decides to put them on to facebook! I wore a fitted burgandy dress and a topshop navy blazer with shoulder pads.Very smart. It was my first ever wedding so i wasn't sure on what to wear but my cousins girlfriend (the bride) looked lovely, so did everyone! Enough about that for now, i will have to post soon and shows you some pictures in stead.
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