I need to update more! I was in London the whole of last week and i work a lot but i know that isn't an excuse. I'm trying to get hold of a camera, its actually really annoying because my boyfriend doesn't ever make use of his iPhone 4s when i could easily make use of the camera from it. I've been quite down recently as i enter my third year of university. I'm full of regrets of not moving away for the experience and also seriously hating being in mondame-chav cluttered Birmingham when there is so much of a world out there! However, it is indeed clear that i need to get on with it to get a degree and then i will be out there!I haven't posted any videos on youtube yet like i had hoped but eventually when i get my head around my 'to do list' starting with getting a job at American Apparel (and/or) get hours at Kentish Town's Costa - Reminder: i am to phone as soon as i havge posted this blog post - i will get my videos up and ready to go! The topic of choice being daily outfit choices but also the improvements of my awful hair! I'm also going to work on changing my layout because i find that its like so many other blogs and its important to stand out on the internet! If ANYONE at all could get in touch through my email emily-latham@hotmail.com or Twitter or Facebook to give me feeback on ways to improve my blog, how to get my blog noticed/get followers or any criticism, please do get in touch, i will be very very grateful! Lots and lots of love to you all.
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