I'm well aware of the hype around Black Milk Clothing so this post is very delayed involving my obsession with their awesome range of leggings. They come in many different colours, patterns and pictures! I was a little sceptical about getting a pair because of the fact that they may be unflattering on my legs but they just about suit anybody i'd say. I keep promising to start posting pictures of me in my outfits but i never get around to actually doing it... #lazyblogger ...but it is definitely on my list of things to do. I've recently got some lovely clothes from PrettySunday.com too (link located on the right side of my blog) - i really want to put them up and show you! Its a bit of a rainy day today and i think these leggings (four of my favourite, partically the stripy ones) are enough to brighten up anyones day.
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