Minus the exception of a few, these are my daily rings. I had like 12 on my hand at the start of 2012 and slowly lost them! They all come from various places and mean a lot to me.. like i'm literally not joking, i wear them every single day and i feel utterly awful if i forget to put them on. My favorite is my longest one thats located on my index finger! My mum got it me from the Frankfurt German Market that arrives yearly in Birmingham every Christmas and the rest are from various places like Camden, Brighton and the smallest one is my mums which she wore in her twenties living in Oxford! (blates not getting it back). I decided to do a post on this because i'm known for my rings! I'd wear more if i could but i'm down to only 7 that i actually like and the ones in my skull (where i keep my rings - bit creepy i know, its not real of course ha) are shitty ones so i ought to start getting more again! One more thing, the rings are on my motel FAUX fur coat; just for i'd let you know as i'm vegetarian and have been vegan so i wouldn't contradict myself and wear real fur... although i'm sure most of you can tell it isn't really anyway.
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