Now that i have my deadlines from uni out of the way, i can now concentrate on my blog. I've recently made a youtube account for my video's involving hair/fashion/etc so i will provide a link to my youtube channel at somepoint! I have quiet patches involving my blog, because i get so side tracked, but i am now ready to rumble.. ha. Ok firstly, i'd like to show you guys some piccies from Brighton. I went to Brighton for my 22nd birthday to stay with a cousin who lives on the seafront! I had an amazing time, i didn't want to go home. I always feel at home in Brighton and there is a number of cheap and cheerful vintage boutiques! (my boyfriend bought three check shirts for 15 smackers from 'To be worn') and the weather was just perfect!
The top picture is the underground part of the shop, (...upstairs is pretty shitty) Immediately you're hit in the face by the scent of incense sticks and oak - the atmosphere feels warm and cosy! I'm aiming to get my bedroom like this! The bottom picture is the room next to the above picture! Skulls scattered everywhere with uv lights glaring on to the sheets! I was gutted that i didn't buy one of these sheets, but i'm definately going to pick one up for as little as a tenner next time i'm in Brighton! Ok, this is the bit where i'm going to have to say sorry in advance because unfortunately i forgot the name of the shop. But as SOON as i find out, i will edit the post and fill you guys in.

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