Firstly.. i'd like to say sorry for being such a shitty blogger recently. I've been struggling with university, Costa have given me more hours (yay) and i've been feeling a little all over the place in regards to my love life, yes i know, its no excuse; but i feel that i should somewhat explain my lazy antics in a way that might create a little sympathy? No? Well, i tried and now i'm back and haven't i missed you! My current hair situation (3 inches i think, maybe a little less) money worries? Getting better and hey this is only the student side of things. I have my shitty KA car to run and thats why i work at Costa (YES, just to run my car - but free drinks!) - I'd quite happily ride fleur my bike around but i live in quite a busy area just outside of Birmingham city centre so it isn't very pratical. My run around gets me by theres no doubt about that but as soon as my third year of uni is over with it is being sold and i am OFF. Okay, so i'm not leaving with the degree i had hoped for, but its not a degree i really want. The only reason i wanted to do the course was to improve my writing for my blog (if you don't know already, i'm doing English; sigh) i've been very half arsed with it all to be honest. I haven't made any friends there really and i see the work as a chore more then anything. I need to be involved in fashion more, i live and breath the fashion industry, its a major part of me. If i wasn't at uni in Brum, i'd have packed up and lived with my sister in Camden by now. (Her home is little, but very very cute) and my other sister is living in France by the beach until November with her boyfriend! ...although i should see the positives in getting a degree, i find it really hard too when my sisters lives are far better then mine! I won't bore you any longer with my boring ass life and i will leave you with Pretty Sunday's new items! (Click on pretty sundays link on the right for a summer grab today! - with this sun were after, how can you possibly resist)
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