Sharm El Sheikh was fantastic (i hope i'm spelling the place right! - google is too much effort on a day off) - so as i've mentioned, it was mine and my boyfriends first holiday together and wasn't it a holiday and a half!  We went to a spa etc but literally all we did was lounge around and do nothing. We loved it for the first week; room service, 2 seconds to the pool, balcony (the second picture was taken from out room) and all you can eat!.. however, towards the second week, we started to feel sick of the food, fun and lounging (Yes, you can actually get bored of being lazy! - a recent discovery mind you). I was annoyed because i had gained weight and my boyfriend was annoyed because he was sun burned! Yeah ok, so we had a brilliant time all in all but we decided that this would be the first but also last of an all inclusive break. Not only did i forget to bring my Susan Lewis - Losing you book (my company magazine made up for that) i had also ended up being bored of being bored! - i also dont like being forced to eat as much as my boyfriend! It was wonderful, but i think our next holiday will be more eventful interesting but also self catered, ha! You have to try things once, thats for sure, and we did.. do we regret it? Not at all! i loved every second with my boyfriend and i can't wait for our next holiday. Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt for Christmas is next on the list and being the grump that i am, i much rather autumn/winter fashion with the layering and faux fur. So my outfits will be more thought-through! The next post (outfits) will be tomorrow because i couldnt get hold of all of the pictures! Time for a sugar-free caramel latte i think!
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