So I'm back from Egypt and I know I promised a 'holiday outfits' post but I stupidly left my camera at my boyfriends house and unable to upload my pictures - non the less, I was browsing around and found a new online boutique in which i fell utterly and immediately in love with. Obviously i'm nice and thought that I would share some of my 'must-haves' with you guys (paying particular attention to bohemian-styled bracelets). If it isn't obvious already by looking at the picture, it is literally one of those stores that you instantly know on first impressions that you're going to have a serious obsession with. From wrist cuffs to earrings... they even sell shoes and handbags! What gal doesn't like an all round shop, especially for the 'narly' ass price of p+p. Now, the crappy news... the currency of the site is in dollars (unfortunately - however lucky for my USA readers) and I haven't yet purchased from them to know if they deliver to the UK yet but when I do find out, i'll be sure to let you guys know.. If they don't, I will literally be depressed.

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