I like to not only be inspired by blogs but also by random facebook pages like 'I don't want realism. I want magic' - A friend linked me to this page and mentioned 'saw this page.. thought of you'. Theres like a lot of different and inspirational images of art. While you may be thinking 'So what the hell are these items of clothing about then?' - i found these images in one of the albums on the page and stuck them together.. (love love love the shorts in particular) and although its a bummer that it doesn't mention where they're from (luckily for us we know that topshop label on the dress all too well) its cool to be able to sort of take these in and find 'look-a-likes' else where.. I've already seen a similar top in Urban and i'm pretty sure the boots are topshop too. If i found out, i will be sure to let you know... Tomorrow i'll be posting some of my favourite images. Catch you laterzzzzz
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