I love to browse different pages like 'I don't want realism. I want magic' because i find inspiration for fashion from many different creative resources; i tend to find an image and instantly fall in love because of the most littlest thing about it.. For example, the skull gates image at the left, top; i love this image and it instantly made me want to make/find a little bracelet that has little black and white skulls hanging off it! - I don't know how i'm going to find it/make it.. but all i know is that i need it. Both the art pieces could be similar prints to have on t-shirts! I find different images and set them as my wallpaper or perv on them in my many different folders on my laptop! At the moment, i'm quite swayed towards girlie dresses, leather jackets and huge creepers with loads of necklaces and although my style changes, i love a bit of gothic, edge to any outfit! 
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