(Teal pleated dress - PrettySunday.com. Coffee coloured peterpan collar dress - American Apparel. playsuit- PrettySunday.com. Polka dot playsuit - Urbanoutfitters. Bracelets, bag and ring - NamaBay. Silver arm wrap - From a Brighton store - It was a present)

Looking back at holiday pictures makes me feel a little bit grumpy, this is because of two reasons and the first being the obvious; it was amazing being away and the two weeks completely dragged, which i wasn't complaining about and it was nice having my boyfriend all to myself! the second reason that makes me grumpy is how frumpy and bloated i think i look (yuk) - with every holiday, comes the holiday pounds. I think i gained around half a stone and it has made me feel terrible! Non the less, i'm home now and those pounds will soon be gone, once they're gone.. what Is left is happy memories for life of our first ever official holiday today. Eygpt i miss you already!
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