Primarily, my blog is fashion+lifestyle based but i literally cant hold back on how much i am in love with these products that i purchased recently. I'm a big beauty fan myself and although every other blog is beauty based too, i'd like to do the odd post with beauty reviews! They're quite pricey (Foundation - £28 Highlighter -£25) but honestly they are so worth it, i can't even begin to stress how much you need to get your hands on them! If i was you, i'd save for them as soon as you get them.. like put silvers in to a jar or something so that you can get them again! - we cant all afford over 50 pounds in one go, ha!)  My last foundation was Dior Sculpt - I found that it was too 'heavy' and my skin needed to breathe! Upon the last squeeze i decided to head to town for a new foundation, i walked straight past the Dior counter to Yves Saint Laurent and decided to try out their products. Oh my god, I nearly died. I suffer with break outs on my chin and this foundation provides amazing coverage but it also feels really light as well! it doesn't rub off throughout the day and i don't need to reapply any either! Moving on to the highlighter; okay, so you can already sense my enthusiasm for their products but this is definately worth the 25 pounds i paid for it because it is an amazing 'pick me up' for under the eyes and around the mouth etc... (it also brings out your lips if you are a 'lippy' kind of girl) If you want to change brands, i strongly advise you buy this foundation and highlighter, i literally can't stress enough.. I'm not 100 per cent about my skin but i am now more then ever! The picture is completely unedited and the shades i got them in were (foundation BR20 - Beige Rose. Highlighter - 1) this is my foundation and highlighter for life!

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