Firstly, i'm so sorry that i haven't posted for a while.. University work is such a ballache and i'm finding it hard to balance my 'boring university and work life' with my 'amazingly exciting fashion life' -cough- i wish -cough- ...But we all know how frantic i get about UO and its ability to conjure up my ever growing list of perfect outfits but now i have decided to try for a job there! My friend works there too now and i couldn't be more jealous! I can't hold it in anymore and i will keep trying until i'm successful  I love Costa Coffee but i can't be wearing uniform any longer and besides, i spend enough on my wages at UO i might as well get a discount too. I seriously want this job more than anything right now. I need to be involved more in the fashion industry! Enough of my rambling and i hope you enjoyed viewing the few things that are MOST definitely on my christmas list!
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