(Dress- ARK Clothing/ Cardigan - UrbanOutfitters)

+     Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.. its balls that its all over with for another year though but yay for presents! This post isn't really to brag about presents that i got however its simply an update of me taking cheesyyyy cringer pictures of myself with my new iPhone4S and because i was sat waiting for this phone for yonks, i thought it most certainly deserved a blog update! I loved spending every single second with my sisters, brother and mum and then on the evening i went to my boyfriends gran's house which was really nice, however this year, because of the assignments i need to be working on for Christmas break, i decided not to get drunk to avoid being hungover for days. Besides, i haven't drank now for like  year so i kind of just say 'I'm not a drinker' - I'm such a bore, i know.
+     Anyway, just for the record, i'm wearing an ARK shimmer dress with a see-through back (i got it because it was a cheaper version of the Evil Twin dress that i posted about below somewhere!) then on the left i'm wearing my Urban Outfitters kimono.. I find myself wearing it quite a lot actually, that is until i get bored of it like most of my clothes, but for now because i'm beneficially addicted to layering, it goes under every jacket, jumper, blazer that i wear!
+    Lastly, because this is only a quick post, whoever reads this please follow me on instagram too! 'Emillinalove' - since i've had my phone i've been a complete junkie, its ridiculous. I actually feel sorry for myself as i've been so deprived with my crapberry (..ha) Anyway guys, enjoy the rest of your holidays! Lots of love!
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