+     Yo guys! Emily here, and its Christtttttttttttmas timeeeee, mistletoe and wineeeeeee... anyway yes, the German market is here, the decorations are up and my local tesco have their top 20 best christmas songs of all time on repeat.. i think its safe to say, we can all get excited! I have so much i want but i will have to post a wish list of some kind later on! Its strange but apart from that Zara jacket, i don't know what i want really. However there is this John Lennon book that i most definitely want.. and this Kate Moss book from Urban Outfitters. I love a good book at Christmas time.

+     Yes well,  Christmas is all well and good but the thought of all my uni work is killing me, quite literally. Last year i left everything until last year but because i am in my third year, its important for me to get on with it! I have so so so much work, i feel like crying but it will all be over in around 5 months, then i will move to London and live happily ever after. Firstly i will apply for Urban Outfitters internship. Thankfully when my mum has settled back in her hometown of London, when i've saved enough money, i will then move out of her place in to my own! Anyway, i wanted to make this post a quick one as i have a creative portfolio to write! Have a great weekend you lot xxx
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