+     Hello everyone! I went to London this week for 3 nights, i find myself in London quite a lot really, i literally can't wait to finally move there though, its my favorite place ever; there is no place like London at all is there, that's for sure. Anyway i took some pictures whilst i was there for my blog and i don't know why but my usb is being a complete idiot so i'm not able to upload the pictures from my camera, only my phone. I bought a lovely dress from Topshop, Oxford street (their topshop is so much better than Birmingham's) and i bought a lovely bracelet for 30 pounds (which is quite a lot for a bracelet) from Portobello Market. My mum use to live in Portobello so i love it there! I can imagine her walking around with my dad, stealing milk from the rich peoples doors steps apparently.. None the less, my boyfriend paid for everything which was rather sweet of him!

+     I also bought some new YSL products.. i needed a new concealer and i got some powder (which you can see on the right) which i haven't actually used yet - normally i literally can't wait to use new products as well! I will get round to it at some point though, I just have so much products that go on my face at the moment... i know that may sound really weird but i need a few days for my face to get some air!

+    So Christmas is well on its way and i've decided to have money and my boyfriend is so very kindly buying me an iPhone4s! i've already bought a case for it so i hope it actually gets its! I'm going to buy some Valentina by Valentino pefume for myself too as i wont really be getting anything else this year. Although i do have presents to open from my lovely sibs, we all say we'll spend like a tenner max on each other but we always go over. Its quite a lot seems as i have two sisters and a brother! I'm excited for my present from my youngest sister in particular as she is quite a cosy and organised person who definitely pushes the boat out for us! Okay so i'm about to watch Home Alone right now! So i willl post again soon, lots of love to all!
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