(Blazer - Topshop/ T-shirt Dress - Unknown/ Bagpack - Topshop/ Platforms - H&M)

Hello everyone! Only a quick update tonight as i'm doing uni work! I just wanted to mention to you guys that i now have instagram! I go by the name of EmilinaLove of course so be sure to follow me and i will follow you back (if you are cool enough, obvzz) I have wanted instgram for so long as i literally was thinking in the 'myspace days' that there should totally be a website just for sharing pictures and although i'm pretty late to the game, i finally have an instagram account and i've got to say, its highly addictive as well..

Okay so i've mentioned my instagram, now my outfit.. Here i am at the cinemas yesterday and i'm about to watch Jack Reacher (which might i add is absolutely amazing) and yes thankfully no body caught me getting a few snaps in and if they did, i literally couldn't care less.. its how i roll (ha). The blazer is topshop and i literally feel that everyone should have a blazer in their wardbrobe, just as important as a leather jacket! The bagpack, again, topshop.. eeeek and then i have h&m platforms on that you cant see and the speckle dress/top is from.. um.. i don't actually know. I've literally had it since like 2008 and it goes with everything because its sort of a top, but long enough to be a dress but yes you can find them anywhere now-a-days. Right, its two in the friggin morning! Time to get crackin' with this week.. i will post next week as i'm in London doing a bit of a little retail therapy because i most certainly deserve it! Lots and lots of love xox
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