(Blazer - Topshop / Vest - H&M / Bag - BIBA / Shorts - Topshop / Shoes - Creepers from Ebay)

Firstly, i decided to give blogging a break due to the final stretch of university and boy am i glad that it is now over with. I found it really hard to stay away from my blog, at times, i find that blogging can become addictive and i didn't need that because i struggled with university already so i didn't need any other distractions. I deactivated facebook too! I couldn't get rid of my Twitter though, that was one thing (..ok and instagram)  that i couldn't get deactivate else i would be completely lost.

A lot has changed with me in the past few months (I've also had my outer tragus pierced, haaa) ..and one of those things is that i am moving to London in July! I'm so excited! It will be the start of a new chapter and i can't wait to live in London, meeting new people, getting my blog going! I want to go in to business with my sister too (owner of prettysunday.com) - i have a lot of plans really but it will be hard that my boyfriend isn't moving with me, but i think it will be good for us and we will realise that we mean more to each other than we originally thought!

I don't want to make this a stupidly long post but i just wanted to let you guys know that i am back and ready to immerse myself completely in to blogging. I also now have a DSLR that I've been waiting to get my hands on for so long.. as well as an ipad for my birthday so i'm kitted up and i am well ready. 

So, the picture is me in ikea for my birthday! I will have to post what i bought later on but i couldn't resist but take a little selfie in one of the mirrors! I'm also wearing my new biba bag that i also had for my birthday.

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