(BIBA, Gretal Shoulder Leather Bag / House of Fraser)

As seen here (now on sale) is my birthday present from my boyfriend for my birthday.. I also got the Honor Flap Over Purse which is also now on sale for 40 pounds, however blogger is being more than annoying today and decided that it would rotate all of those pictures upside down. The bag and purse go beautifully together but as I've mentioned before, white gets dirty easily so I've decided to pack away my bag in to its dust bag for special times only, or when i just want a dirty perv.

The bag feels so soft and has a light musky leather scent. I'm not a fan of gold at all, and i thought it would look cheap as white and gold don't seem to team well together as colours in my opinion but it doesn't at all. I saw it online first and couldn't choose between the black (obviously) or the white. I have a few black hand bags already and when i saw this bag in store it blew me away and my mind was made up instantly. I do love Biba and its iconic style stays true to its 60's roots completely.. I'm so happy to finally have this bag in my life! If you want to see what it looks like on, i'm wearing it here 

So, i'm pretty addicted to The Sims right now and its shamefully all i seem to think about. I'm also gutted because i was going to France with my aunt and now i can't go because of work so my mood is pretty crappy now. I was hoping to take some outfit snaps in some real sun; i also love the Ste Cere food and antiques market! One of my sims is calling me from my iPad across the room, so i better tend to them.. responsibilities of a grown up sucks, right?

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