(Cardigan / Urban Outfitters - Vest + Sun Glasses / H&M - Shorts / Topshop - Bag / Vintage)

I'm not going to lie, this is my favorite cardigan ever and its so ideal for the summer too. I like to play down a my outfits a lot to look 'effortless' but this cardigan contributes and adds character to an outfit! Again, 10 deniers are out and i don't think i'll be out of them until autumn! 

I'm so excited because i love tee's and shorts weather.. i just hope that with England its well-known reputation for being unreliable that we actually get some lovely weather this summer. I move to London in a month, and London tends to have better weather than Birmingham, so fingers crossed!

Here i'm at Mary Stevens park, a park that i actually haven't been too so its always nice going for new walks... i went with my sister (my best friend) and friend, James. We sat on a bench and watched the ducks as James played his guitar, it was awesome and it really made my week.

Although you can't see, i'm wearing my creepers again. I do love them so so much! They were only like 20 pounds on amazon here and they're such good quality and comfortable! I prefer to invest in clothes and shoes because you get more out of them and although the height of them look ridiculous to some people they're honestly comfortable as hell and i strongly strongly recommend getting your hands on a pair. I've had an underground pair when i was around 16 and i would say that I've wore these nearly every day for months and i prefer these.
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