(Jumper + Sunglasses / H&M - Shorts / Topshop - Bag / Vintage )

When i first saw this jumper  (if you can call it that?) on H&M's website, i absolutely adored and had to order it. When it arrived however, i wasn't so sure how i felt. I like it but i don't really like the fit as much and its quite long.. I like it enough not to return it but i wished it was shorter and fitted, or maybe it just didn't look right with these shorts?

I guess you can say it is quite revealing, so maybe there is a time and a place but i have wanted a netted top for quite a while now so i can definitely cross that off the list.

I didn't use to be a big fan of H&M but recently i love it! I've found so many Zara look alike items in there and the quality of the clothes can be amazing too. I tend to get my basics from there mainly, like vests, tee's and jumpers. (Their jumper range is beyond amazing) I would say their attire towards the more older woman is the best, the quality tends to be better and they have some amazing blazers too.. I love a good blazer. 
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