These here are my life. I can't go a day without wearing these 11 rings. I do have more but these are my daily rings! Even after work, i put them straight on, i feel completely and utterly lost without them, it sounds absolutely ridiculous but i'm lost without them. Each one of them mean something special to me. They're from various places, Camden Market, one is my mums, some from Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market and a couple are gifts from my mum, boyfriend and friends. 

We all have these little things that make us unique and these are mine.. I wear them everyday and they have  their own place on my fingers, i think i will actually wear them forever. The ring on the far left was a gift from my mum and is my favorite from the German Market. The lady who sold it to us was absolutely amazing.. She had a lot of rings on herself and makes the rings herself.. She made that one out of a little folk! She had one ring on that had been on her finger for 26 years too, she couldn't get it off! That doesn't bother me at all, i sort of wish mine would be stuck on because i absolutely hate it when i lose a ring. Thankfully over time, i have a position for each one that fits perfectly. 

They sell good sterling rings on Ebay and Amazon so if you're interested in rings then i'd definitely look on there for some. The German Market lady had an online store but had to take it down which was a shame, but i would go on Ebay or Amazon anyway as they offer a great range of  independent stores offering stoned and ethnic sterling. Obviously it would be a good idea to get your fingers measured too so that you get a ring that actually fits. H S Samuel offer a guild to getting a measurement for your fingers on that link.
Sorry about the text heavy post by the way, i could talk about my rings forever.. Let me know if you know of any cute online stores that i may not know of!
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