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(Nails / American Apparel)

It was a beautiful day today so i have no excuse for my indoor outfit of the day and leather jacket. I have gone for quite a simple outfit today, not that my style is particularly outrageous but i've recently been very inspired by the likes of Ruby Alridge and Erin Wasson recently that i literally live in loose vests without a bra, leggings and platforms. Who do i think i am? Kate Moss? 

I wanted to quickly mention about my nails.. They are a grey, although they have a slight green tint to them which i sort of like. American Apparel do some lovely nail varnishes here that are quite 70's - 90's inspired really and you can't go wrong with grey! Tomorrow i have told myself to wear a dress though because i definitely need to be making the most of this weather.

One more thing before i leave you guys to indulge in my book (Which is James Herbert's The Ghost of Sleath) Over a year ago i started growing out my hair to my natural colour and it is only the ends that are light now really, it sort of looks ombre.. However..  i don't know whether to dye my hair or to bite the bullet and continue to let it grow out. I want it to be an all over mousy-ash brown but the light ends are more than annoying and look dry in comparison to the rest of my virgin hair. Anyway, enough about hair, i'm going to read my book.
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