(Cardigan, vest, trousers / H&M - Boots / Ebay - Bags / Topshop and Vintage)
(Lipstick - MAC in Creme Cup and Eye shadow Big Beautiful Eyes / Benefit Palette)

I'm in such a happy mood today and this is because of two things.. One being the fact that my new boots have came! and secondly my older sister is back from Australia. 

I've been looking for some boots like these for absolutely ages now.. There's ankle boots and then there's ankle boots isn't there? I wanted a specific look and i actually found them on Ebay! They're real leather too.. i just searched in 90's chunky heels and boom. I can tell these boots are going to take some wear and tear and although they're size 6 (I'm a size 5) they're loose and i don't mind them being a bit big, they're just too perfect so i can forgive them.

The other reason i'm like mega happy is because my older sister is back from Ausatralia.. She's been travelling with my other sister since Febuary but my little sister came bac earlier, its so lovely having them back because they're my best friends as well as my sisters! I have big plans with my older sister in regards to setting up a fashion boutique so watch this space, in the meantime pretty sunday is still up for business after a well deserved break away in the sun.
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