You actually can't go wrong with a pair of ankle boots can you? Especially if you live in England, when are we ever going to need anything else? That is exactly the reason why I decided to dedicate a post to my recently purchased ankle booties
I'm pretty much known for my platforms.. There was a point actually that I wouldn't be without a pair on my feet but recently my older sister had inspired me and I have bought these three beauties within the last few months from Topshop. 
I just want to say, Topshop do the best quality boots EVER.. With like the rain we have been having, qaulity is a must, no body likes leaky shoes! Ankle boots.. or shoes for that matter should always be an investment, unless they're like flip flops or something. 
Firstly, ALIYAH 90's Chunky ankle boots (my favorite out of the three), AKA The best boots in the whole world. I'm a complete sucker for the 90's era so when I saw these babies it would be obvious to state that I needed them to be apart of my life. They have already made appearances in previous a blog post and with how they're incredible comfort with a nice height to them I intend to wear the hell out of them this autumn.
Secondly, the ADONIS2 cut out boots and yes cut out boots are literally everywhere at the moment but I will mention that there are a few personal cons with these.. One is that I wish they had a bit more of a heel but that is only because I'm such a height junkie when it comes to shoes, but also the inside of the buckle can rub on my ankle, and because I can so so lazy, Its annoying that I have no choice but to wear them with socks.. I like the choice and being 'cut out' I would have though they were meant to be worn without socks. Other than those reasons they're 10/10 for quality like all of the Topshop boots.
Lastly the westerns! I haven't actually wore these out yet but they are a great quality and when I decide on the break away from the ALIYAH's, I will be wearing these.
So these are my recent ankle boot purchases, all from Topshop and will all be featured in future blog posts! Its good to be prepared for Autumn and my recent purchases involve 'bandwagon cut out pair of flats', 'chunky everyday's' and the 'plain janes' 
Rain? Pah... Bring it on. 

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  1. all gorgeous! Love the quality of tophsop boots, I have two pairs and I can't wait for autumn so I can live in them again! Adore your blog by the way

    Hollie xx



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