(Sunglasses, Blazer, Vest and Tights / H&M - Creepers / Ebay - Shorts / Topshop)

Its quite funny really, going to the park in a white blazer.. I did get some looks it has to be said, but you have to wear white in the sunshine don't you. I threw in some black for good measure. Saying that i wish i had the confidence to brave bare legs but i do think some 10 deniers would have suited this outfit better.
Its so hot outside isn't it? In England we aren't fortunate enough to see a lot of sun so it makes a wonderful change that the sun decided to show his face this weekend.
These creepers, hot or cold, have formed quite the long term relationship with my feet. 
I have been buying different ankle boots like those cut out ones that have been lingering around etc etc but these are just heaven on earth and so very comfortable, its like i get the height, the edge AND the comfort.. what more do I possibly need!
I went to town today, it was quite lovely too.. being out and about in the city. It got me even more excited about my move to London too! 
Lately, I've not even been using my DSLR and going for my iphone camera instead... I almost wish i saved my money and didn't buy it because i do think the iphone camera can be just as good really.. Its sort of a personal thing, like taking out your phone and snapping a few shots here and there, i don't know about you but i don't really want to carry around a dslr everywhere in my bag, haha. I guess that can be for special occasions and a walk to the park and town wasn't one of them!

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