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Today i'm wearing all black.. What a surprise, I do have an excuse though, not only am I not wearing a bra (oops) but nor am i wearing tights.. basically i couldn't be bothered at all today.
Its been one of those 'urgh' kind of days, the days that have been coming around way too often recently.. I'm not wearing a lot of make up either so my H&M sunnies were definitely needed today.
Oh happy days, i'm going home to watch more Lost this evening so i'm kind of excited for that but i do need to see This is the end at the cinema at some point because according to the people of Twitter its hilarious!
I feel like all i do recently is work and go home, I hate hate hate wearing uniform for work, i seriously need to look for another job.
To conclude, i know it isn't the most appropriate weather in the world but i bought the most amazing fluffy textured cardy the other day and i just have to post about it. Here's the thing.. Its actually not black OR white.. its purple. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

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