This here is my diary... like all diaries, it is personal and holds the thought-process of my day to day being. I posted this picture in particular on instagram (@emilinalove).
I absolutely adore this diary that I bought from Paperchase in Selfridges (also available in similar patterns here) it has beautiful quality paper like all books from Paperchase and i absolutely fell in love with the pattern on the front! I love having a diary and will always keep one but since I have purchased from Paperchase, although they can be quite expensive, I will always purchase my future diaries from there

By now and more to the point, you're probably questioning why I'm posting about my diary? Not only do I highly recommend everyone to buy a beautiful Paperchase diary but I also feel that it is important to own a diary. This one in particular will be quite a sentimental one at that.
 It is a diary that I purchased from Birmingham's Bullring and I write inside about my everyday life in Birmingham. My next diary will be about my life in London when I move and it will be amazing to look back on the person I may become to the person that I currently am.
My mum let me read her diary from 1980, 10 years before me.. She only wrote in half of it and when she read back at her life in Oxford (she is from London herself) she wished she carried on with it. Cinema and meals out with long lost friends were all events that she had forgotten about until she read about them in there, she then remembered many other different events that occurred around those times and she remembers meeting my dad in the cinema!
Its easy to assume that we will always remember these sorts of things because of the fact that we are now living them, but we do forget, and its nice to look back and reflect on those times from the perspective of ourselves.
Please do try to write in a diary, even if its a weekly thing.. You may be surprised in the future of the joy or sadness it may bring, you might even be surprised at the people who come and go too! It will be well worth the read in years to come, that's for sure.. Just ask my mum!

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