I found this picture to be quite a sentimental one at that.. This is because it is a picture that was taken on the balcony of Bullring shopping center. I'm moving from Birmingham in only a months time now to London so i thought this shot would be quite fitting to the subject of the post.
I wanted to mention first of all that my blog may seem a little quiet as i'm preparing for the move
I have so so so much to sort out, I didn't realize how much prep is needed in order to move out, and i'm also sorting out a transfer with my job too.
I bought a few things recently from Topshop but other than that i need to save save save!
I can't wait to settle in my little room and decorate.. It feels like i have been living out of boxes forever and after i had a huge shopping spree at ikea for my birthday, i'm so excited to get my stuff out.
In regards to my outfit, i'm addicted to black and white right now.. White of any shade and black in the form of matte and shine.White gets grubby quite quickly so i changed shortly after this in to black, haha!
My bag is cute too, its from Miss Selfridge and although the fringes get in the way when you shut it all of the time, its quite small and useful on quick shopping trips. Especially if you use public transport! (Which i now use due to trying to sell my car for London) Its so hard going from the comfort of my car to busy buses but I enjoy someone else driving for once none the less!

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