In advance of this post, I would like to mention that I had spent the majority of the day routing in the loft and organizing 'tip journeys' so forgive me if it looks as if  the camera isn't friends with my face today but boy, I simply love looking through mums old stuff to then claim as my own as 'vintage'.
As well as cute old pots and vinyls there was also two other items that had particularly caught my eye
First being a necklace that was my great aunts! My mum pulled the carpet handbag out of a box and after having a look at the condition, I searched the pockets..  To my luck I found an old cracked lipstick and a beautiful old necklace! An expensive red too, like the deep sort of red carpet  red that had still kept its colour! Cracked I know, but I just know that she would have looked absolutely gorgeous.
The second item being a gorgeous vintage Russell and Bromley bag which was a great find that my mum bought on Bond Street years and year ago! I was having a 'I need a new bag' moment as well so that very much worked in my favour finding that gem.
The thing about these little things are that when they are put away they can always be rediscovered and loved all over again! Wendy (my great aunt) passed away when I was very young and sadly I don't remember her, I only know her through photographs.. and I know my mum was very close to her and often gets upset about her. I love that I can vision her on a train with that very carpet handbag, wearing that deep red lipstick and putting the necklace in to the pocket for it to be found by me years and years later to love all over again! Wendy was quite the looker I must say.


  1. You have such beautiful jewellery in this post!
    I love looking through old items that belonged to my family, when my great auntie died recently we found a fur coat under her floor boards that her husband bought for her. She hid it under the floor boards though when people were in the news throwing red paint over people in fur, and it's still in really good condition!
    Lovely Post :)
    Cat xx

  2. me gusta ese bolso ;) y el colgante es genial

  3. amazing that you found all those hidden treasures again. love your rings too. lovely blog as well, would love it if we could keep in touch and perhaps follow each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.



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