(Gillet - Evil Twin / Dress - Vero Moda / Creepers - Ebay / Bag - Russell Bromley Vintage) 

The fuzz is on its way back now and boy am I excited to wear all my fluffs and fuzzes! I love the automatic edge that these textures immediately bring to any outfit and this gillet is one of my ultimate favourites. I always always get asked where I get this cardigan from and Evil Twin is definitely a brand that was made for me.
I'm currently trying to go a little paler (basically not wear any fake tan at all) and I've dyed out the ends of my hair to my natural colour so I now have all my natural hair! I think I'm basically trying to say that I'm eliminating warmth from my look.. I'm not saying Halloween is coming early but I love the whole 'I'm a Burberry catwalk model that is off duty' sort of look - I actually prefer models off the run way!
More to the whole concept of change, I am also debating a fringe since my older sister had one cut but I would go for a short and blunt grungy fringe in prep for this grungy-inspired season but I am really undecided with it..  If anyone thinks that I should, please please could you leave me a comment! I just think my hair is so boring and dull, I definitely need to do something with it (without dying it)
I had to take out my outer tragus piercing too which I'm gutted about, so I do need a new piercing to compensate. I feel so boring, what is it about change of season? Like I feel that I need a whole new look... Maybe its the move to London that has inspired me. Dam you London.. My bank balance doesn't like you very much!


  1. I love your gilet, it looks really cool! I'd say go for it with the fringe. I think it'd suit you and even if you don't like it it won't take long to grow back out! xx


    1. I was thinking that! It has taken a while to grow out my side fringe so the thought of how long it will take to grow out is the only thing putting me off. I might just literally shut my eyes and go for it! I've never had a full fringe before! Thanks for your reply darling! You have tempted me now! Xx

  2. I think an alexa chung fringe would look great on you. i love the short fringes aswell, i say go for it! love this outfit, so simple but stylish and i love fluffy cardis and jumpers for A/W



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