(Jumper / H&M - Bag Pack, Denim shorts / Topshop)

I think the title for this post is very fitting for my upcoming rant about how much I don't like September. It isn't as bad as January and yes we do have the excitement of LFW and Autumn approaching but I literally can't stand the cold weather and as we speak, I'm all red nosed and stuffy suffering from a major cold and early signs of a sore throat. Hey September.
The pictures aren't the best for this post, they don't really identify my outfit like I hoped but How cool is my back shredded jumper from h&m.. My brother played photogragher so I guess he did pretty well if anything!
I don't know if you have noticed, but I'm also trying to wear less make up; How do I look guys? Is less more?
Anyway.. I'm just not feeling it you know, I practically forced myself to watch my favourite movie ever (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and I was actually enjoying wearing shorts all of the time too.. So I don't care now. It can be snowing outside soon and I will STILL be wearing my shorts, I've decided.. That is a promise. I would however like my immune system to man up because c'mon, a cold already? Urgh... I will just keep reminding myself that it's Halloween soon in order to cheer myself, that will do the trick.. or treat. ;)

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  1. You look gorgeous!! And I have a cold too. Boo.
    But yay for Halloween!!
    Love your style/blog.



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