(Fur coat, Backpack and shoes - Topshop / Crop trousers - H&M / Jumper - Vero Moda)
(Nail Varnish - Topshop in Rainy Day) 

Everyone is feeling rather festive recently and I think it is really hitting home that Christmas is getting close as the evenings are starting to draw in and we scrap frappes and sun glasses for hot water bottles, hot chocolate and umbrellas! I'm not even kidding, currently in one of my computer tabs is a list of electric blankets on amazon! I only see my boyfriend once a week and his body heat has been my survival for the past 6 winters so now that I have moved away from him, I more than need one of those blankets in my life.
In my last post I'm rambling on about my shorts and grey 10 deniers but I had to wear trousers today, It is so cold.
I have the weekend off and I'm hoping to head to Battersea car boot but I don't know if it will rain or not. You get the most amazing bargains there, they sometimes have stands of high end make up too like Chanel and YSL. I got some bobbi brown foundation there too in their palest shade (which was still not as pale as I'd like but whatevssss) - I'll go anyway to check it out, now that I'm always so busy, I need some me time.
One more thing before I go on a Twitter rampage because I miss talking to my darling Twitterers... I'm going to seriously get to grips with selling individually on Asos Market as well as getting hands on with the launch of clothing boutique Daze so please watch this space!


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