(Top / Ark - Bag&Skater Skirt / Topshop)

Its September and I'm wearing a see-through top without a jacket.. Am I crazy? Rain or shine, English weather is as unpredictable as ever and I did it.. I actually went out like this, and wait for it.. It was fine too!
This is another reason as to why I'm going to miss summer, wearing lightweight clothing!
Everyone gets really excited on Twitter for layering etc but I love a good skater dress and some flatforms and I'm pretty much good to go.. Having said that, I have two winter coats that are itching to be worn as I have mentioned before so I wouldn't say I'm not a little excited to wear them.
So,  LFW is around the corner and I've been trying to find outfits together! I owe it to my blog to cover street style especially with my love for the whole 'effortless' and 'model off duty' look that i like to think I've got going on (minus model, obviously). There is quite the buzz all around the city and its great that even if you can't get inside, you want to be apart of London Fashion Week in some aspect so I will be sure to cover that excitement and join them!


  1. you are unbelievable pretty! amazing photos! xx


  2. You are so pretty and tis outfit is just gorgeouuuuus

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  3. love your style!

    just followed you on GFC :)


  4. You look ridiculously good! Such a pretty top
    Lucia's Loves


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