(Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch / Crop trousers - H&M / Trench Coat - Zara / Bag - Topshop)

So I've raved about Battersea Carboot before but so what, I'm about to race again because I found this shirt there for 50p.. Yes. 50p, you heard me right. I love a good bargain and this cutie cost me less than a pack of chewing gum so I was smiling big time after this little purchase. I also was lucky enough to find a few other bits and pieces (shown below). Its good to think outside the box with a bargain and its so easy to buy crap that you don't even want at places like these so its important to ask yourself if you really want it.. I nearly walked away with a chair! True story! None the less they sell good (mostly always new) high end make up, designer labels and beautiful antiques at Battersea carboot and although its only on Sunday, its worth going to have a look if you're staying in London! P.S, make sure you go after 1.30pm because its 50p to get in then in stead of 3 pounds, let me know if you go because you will most likely see me there!

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  1. You look gorgeous in these photos! Love the shirt & can't believe it was 50p! I really need to get myself to a carboot sale haha xx


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