(Coat - Tesco Clothing / Jumper and Trousers - H&M / Shoes and Bag - Topshop)

Today I was locked out of the house.. So I had some outfit pictures taken in the sun! I do love this time of year though. Beautiful low and crisp sunshine with damp pavements scattered in fallen leaves. My hair also reflects my autumnal mood as well in this post I have just noticed and I decided that I would watch Edward Scissorhands to indulge.. Autumn really is my favourite season ever.
Now, this Tesco coat, when I saw this coat at first as I was on my way to buy some tights (Tesco have the best 10 Denier matte tights ever by the way) - I wasn't sure because I haven't really bought anything from their f&f range but the colours from their Autmun collection immediately pulled me and for a second I was quite startled by some of their autumn pieces and then I saw this coat.. They were doing a special 20 per cent offer so I thought I'd purchase it because its very similar to the Zara coat that I have my eye on and you can't go wrong with a black coat can you? None the less, other than the fact I would prefer a smaller size (They don't have smaller than an 8) I was more than happy and I would go as far as saying the quality is better than most high street stores but at a fraction of the price! I've been wearing the coat every day since I bought it, the odd hair is easily swiped off and it always looks prim and proper! Very impressed Tesco, very impressed indeed.

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