So there isn't any excuse for my lack of posts recently because with blogging, there should never be any excuse to blog! Unless of course there is personal prevention and travelling to and from London to Birmingham within any spare time from work shouldn't be one of them. However, I will throw my hands in the end and admit that I have had times where I could have blogged but can I just be honest here and say I'm too bloody exhausted. I mean, working full time after being university educated has been more than a shock to the system. I can hardly hack it in the the slightest and I think my body needs to adjust to the working world! I need a full on day of just lazying about doing naff all I think but for now I'm enjoying money for clothes! On my list right now after inspiration from a hot looking lady on Bond Street.. About 4-5 sterling silver bangles and a silver cuff! I know, I know.. I love London.

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